MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Barbara Culver Juvenile Justice Center is having its management operations reviewed in an independent study conducted by the human resource company Seeking examine management.

The review was commissioned by the Midland County Commissioners Court after commissioners raised questions into the department’s management efficiency.

It’s the second review that has been commissioned by the county, back in April 2018, the commissioners court requested another review into the Culver Juvenile Justice Center on whether the department was essential to the county.

The result of that review was - Yes.

Though that hasn’t kept officials from questioning the department and an official who has been vocal about the concerns is county commissioner Scott Ramsey of Precinct 1.

“It’s our duty to make sure that money of the county tax payers is spent properly and managed properly,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey told NewsWest 9 his concerns with management revolve around the department’s staff turnover rate, which he claims is highest of all departments in the county. As well as budgetary issues that he’s viewed as inefficient.

“They had to come to court last month, and ask for more money supposedly because they didn’t get information, but they did get the information,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey also said that the department ran late on applying for a state grant for this year’s fiscal year budget, which he said has been a consistent problem for the last three years.

This led the commissioners court to withhold more than $250,000 of the department’s requested fiscal budget for 2019, pending the results of the review.

“Basically it makes a statement, we could’ve withheld a tremendous amount more, but instead we did this pending a management study,” said Ramsey.

Though, not everyone has believes there has been a problem with the department.

Judge Gilles of the 142nd district court in Midland County said to the best of his knowledge, the juvenile department has been up to code on all regulations and statues.

He also said while dispersing funds to the department is at the discretion of the county commission, he believes a $250,000 gap in funding could lead to real issues in staffing and programming.

Commissioner Ramsey also told NewsWest 9 that if the results of the review are satisfactory, its likely no changes will be made, but if the results comeback otherwise, management personnel changes could be made.