Avoiding Construction in Midland
Avoiding Construction in Midland
Avoiding Construction in Midland
By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Any driver that has gotten locked in a long line of cones and cars on Wadley, in Midland knows how hectic the traffic can get. City crews say 50 thousand cars drive the street everyday, but with construction at Midkiff drivers are using residential streets as a short cut to avoid traffic delays.

"I just hope no body gets hit or hurt," said Janice Glenn, who lives in a neighborhood near the construction, "There are small children they live across the street from me and I am worried about them getting run over."

Crews say a week of colder temperatures delayed completion by a week. James Robertson, an engineer for the City of Midland says it should be finished by mid-March.

"It used to be a really quiet street about all that would come up here was the mail man and the people who lived here. Now people are cutting through, and their really going fast," said Becky Britain, who lives in the neighborhood, and says she will be happy when it's all done.

Lt. Brian Bogart of the Midland Police Department says they handed out 80-100 tickets to drivers speeding through the construction zone, residential streets, and those cutting through shopping centers in the area, two weeks ago.