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Oil and gas on the up: How the Roseland West Texas Oil and Gas Convention is helping the industry

The convention includes 100 vendors and three dozen companies hiring for oil and gas jobs.

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — Oil and gas are on the up.

"Things are really starting to pick up again in the Permian Basin," Denny Pilcher, GM of Roseland Oil and Gas said.

That means happier days ahead.

"This event is really the first one of 2021 where we're giving the community hope," Kim Delapena, GM of Job Fairs Now said.

Promise, business and jobs are sliding through the doors of the Midland Horseshoe, the location of the 7th annual West Texas Oil and Gas Convention.

People from across the country are bringing in immediate stimulation to the economy.

"From Houston, from Louisiana, from the Mississippi area and they're getting hotel rooms, they're buying our food, they're buying our gas," Delapena said.

One industry professional made the trek from Houston.

"I'm here to network with anybody that's looking for a driven and determined mechanic that's going to help take their company to the next level," Elijah Barber, natural gas engine and compressor mechanic said.

This has long-term positive effects on our economy too.

"We see a lot of deals being made," Pilcher said. "I saw yesterday during setup, one of our vendors here signed a contract over 1 million dollars over a large order of forklifts, and things like that are good indicators that when there's demand for equipment, there's a lot going on."

Some oil and gas professionals are here to learn more about competitive pricing, new industry technologies and to support their company.

"We're in recovery mode right now and it's on the up," Al Martinez, operations manager said. "If you see the price of oil, it dipped in the last week or so, but it's definitely coming up. Hopefully our industry will pick up a little bit and we'll get a lot of people to work on a steady basis."

It's full fracking ahead for this industry.