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Midland residents voice concerns at Animal Services Advisory Commission Meeting

Midland Fire Chief Charles Blumeanauer and now Managing Director of Animal Services let residents know that "change is coming and its going to be positive change."

MIDLAND, Texas — It was a packed house at Monday's meeting with almost every seat filled. Midland residents spoke out passionately about the change they want to see at Animal Services and they were met with a response they said brought them some hope. 

Questions on the shelter's euthanasia policy, "what's your protocol on euthanasia," said one concerned resident. 

And how everyday operation works, were questions and concerns voiced throughout Monday's meeting. 

Concerns that were met with a response by the new Managing Director of Public Safety, Midland Fire Chief Charles Blumeanauer, who will now oversee Animal Services. Chief Blumeanauer spoke on the plans he has to revamp protocols and enhance training. 

"There are some things we're going to do being positive going forward. We're going to revamp our protocols and take those to the next level as well," Chief Blumeanauer said. "Secondarily we're gonna make sure we cross train all of our employees that everybody can do somebody else's job. Lastly, we're gonna bring in training agencies and continue to do training make sure again whatever the standard is to be trained we're gonna bring our employees up to a higher level."

The chief also let residents in attendance know that change is on the way.

"I really believe that the things that we're going to do going forward is going to be positive for our shelter we have great employees out there. They care and this is going to allow us to take that next step, having this meeting today with the citizens to let them come to us with their concerns," Chief Blumeanauer said. "Us being able to address and to let them know change is coming and its going to be positive change and we're going to do better."

The chief is even keeping the same amount he has in the department with these animals. 

"We're gonna make sure we treat them as family one of the things we talk about at the fire department is taking care of family that means treat everybody like family and that includes our dogs," Chief Blumeanauer said. "I'm taking that same message to the animal shelter, treat them like family and we wont have issues."

Executive Director of Fix West Texas Karen Patterson was in Monday's crowd and is looking forward to what's next for Animal Services.

"Hearing the chief today say that he has stepped in and brought our Fire Department up to ISO 1000 standards and he wants to do the same with the shelter and bring them up to the shelter of veterinarians standards of care," Patterson said. "I like his energy, I like that he has fresh ideas and he's done this before, maybe not in a shelter but in a Fire Department. It's really the same thing, it's setting up policies and making sure people are following them." 

The next Animal Services Advisory Commission Meeting will be on Nov. 20.

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