MIDLAND, Texas — It is a new era for Midland City Council. In addition to a new mayor, there are three new council members, too. 

They each have a lot they want to accomplish in their district and for Tall City.

From infrastructure to making cell phone service better, from adding more parks in addition to making neighborhoods in the city safer. These are just a few of the things the new council members want to accomplish in their first term.

They are all ready to get the ball rolling. 

“I’m so excited because all of these people are so passionate," Jack Ladd, Midland City Council District 3, said.

City councilman elect for District 2, John Norman, says he is elated, humbled and ready to get to work. 

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to hear from Midlanders but also begin to make some decisions about all the things we’ve been talking about throughout our campaign," Lori Blong, Midland City Council District 4, said. 

All three council members were born and raised in Midland.

Each member has their eyes set on ways to bring Tall City into the future.

For Blong and Ladd, infrastructure is their top priority.

Blong wants to work on roads and expanding the growth along 191. While Ladd wants to look into 21st-century infrastructure and making Midland a 5G city.

For Norman, he wants more economic development to happen in his district.

“We have so much land, and I want to incentivize developers to come into those areas in district two."

The council members are coming from all different kinds of backgrounds.

Ladd’s a lawyer and the only new councilman to have worked in politics before.

“I think we’ll do things differently and I think there’s going to be changes but I think that the passion will remain," Ladd said. "The interest in doing the right thing for midland is there and I’m excited to be part of that team.”

Norman’s a teacher and football coach, and Blong owns an oil and gas service company with her husband.

This is Norman and Blong’s first time in the political arena.

“Growing up I never thought I’d be involved in politics," Norman said. "I saw this as an opportunity to connect with an entire city."

Blong says there's a generation shift and it is time for her generation to step up. 

“We have a vacancy of leadership in the 40ish age bracket," Blong said. "It’s going to be incumbent all of us who are young to step forward into those leadership capacities to work towards change and growth in Midland.”

Their work is already getting started.

Blong and Ladd had their first city council meeting last week and Norman will join them on Feb. 25 after he gets sworn in.

For more details on the districts and the new councilman click here.