by Kim PowellNewsWest 9

MIDLAND - We all love our pets just as much as we all like to be comfortable. That's why it's important to make sure they're doing alright as a cold, arctic blast heads toward the basin this week.

"If they start to shiver, if they're just becoming real lethargic, the best thing if you can bring them inside, bring them inside. That's always recommended obviously," Paul O'Neill, the animal services manager at the Midland Animal Shelter, said.

The Midland Animal Shelter says they're already geared up for the winter weather, having heat throughout the building, as well as blankets and towels.

The Lone Star Sanctuary, however, has mostly outdoor kennels. They did not want to speak on camera, but say a volunteer generously donated jackets to their dogs. They also have their pipes wrapped up and a special hose to keep the water from freezing.

"If the weather is getting below freezing, if you leave a bowl of water out thinking, 'well at least they have water,' that bowl of water can freeze very easily," O'Neill said.

Of course, the key to keeping your pet warm as the cold air moves in is to just keep them out of the elements.

"A dog house is ideal," O'Neill said. "And if you have a dog house, have the opening facing away from the wind. You can line it with hay, you can line it with a blanket or a quilt, and we never recommend putting a space heater or anything like that in or near your dog house, it could cause fires."