Animal Cruelty Leaves One Puppy Without a Leg
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A disturbing case of animal cruelty in Odessa after a puppy is thrown out of a moving car into traffic. The puppy's name is Sissy and although she was just born a few weeks ago she is already a survivor.

"She was brought by a good Samaritan who saw her get thrown out from a vehicle," Veterinarian Andrew Schwarz from Angel Veterinarian Clinic and Hospital in Odessa, said.

And that's why she ended up at the Angel Vet Clinic in Odessa.

"She was shaky, imagine being thrown from vehicle. She also had a lot of soft tissue damage from being thrown out of a car and she had a broken leg," Schwarz said.

Doctors tried to save her leg but it would have been too difficult on her to fix. So they had no choice but to amputate her back leg.

"We are still monitoring her and making sure she is ok. She has not cared at all, she is so playful with everyone," Schwarz said.

So far, Angel Vet has been doing all the procedures and because she has no owner, the Humane Society needs help paying her bills.

"Angel Vet has been footing the bill until we can raise enough money to have her bill taken care of, since she doesn't have an owner," Volunteer Bryan Yancey with the Humane Society, said.

So far, the puppy is recovering but they still have to keep her a few weeks to make sure her body reacts positively to the surgery.

"She is still growing, we are looking after her and make sure she doesn't need any extra work," Schwarz said.

In the meantime, Sissy will be adjusting and growing. Vets at Angel Clinic and the Humane Society hope this never happens again.

"I don't know, but it's frustrating, someone would do that to a puppy," Schwarz said.

"It's heartbreaking only several weeks old and thrown a puppy out of a moving car is beyond cruel," Yancey said.