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Andrews County now allowing alcohol consumption in county facilities

The county still can't sell alcohol like the City of Andrews, but people can now bring alcohol to county facilities, such as ACE Arena and the county golf course.

ANDREWS, Texas — The City of Andrews has been able to sell alcohol since 2013, and although the county still can’t sell it, the commissioners court made a change this week.

The county commissioners voted unanimously to allow the consumption of alcohol in county facilities, such as ACE Arena, the county golf course and the James Roberts Center.

The county still can’t sell alcohol, so it will be B.Y.O.B.

The decision was made after discussions in prior meetings and working with the county attorney.

However, the county also put a clause in that prohibits excessive drinking.

“If they were to have a drink or two, that’s fine, you go on about your business, but we don’t want anybody to, definitely not to overconsume," said Charlie Falcon, Andrews County Judge. "We definitely do not want, do not encourage overconsumption of any alcohol whatsoever.”

Falcon said they knew people were sneaking in alcohol before, but that it was difficult to prevent.

“You know, turning a blind eye is not an answer," said Falcon. "I just always felt that it became a legal issue. We consulted with our attorney, and figured that that would be the best solution to just go ahead and accept the fact that it is being consumed.”

The county also discussed the impact that this could have on children, and they have made the effort to ensure that kid’s events remain alcohol-free.

“If it’s a youth activity that’s related to the rental of that facility, then absolutely we will not condone any use of alcohol," said Falcon. "For our building managers they’ll go over that with the renters of these facilities."

Putting this into place keeps the county from having to worry about being held liable for any wrongdoings.

Falcon said they aren’t providing alcohol or encouraging the consumption of it, and of course there are still consequences if you drink too much.

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