MIDLAND, TX (KWES) -This morning students at Greathouse Elementry thanked Alderson Motors after receiving a donation to the school.

Alderson Motors presented a $5,500 dollar check to the students for the purchase of around 30 chrome books.

Alderson Motors says they know that teachers and school districts work with a limited budget so it was a 'no brainer’ when they were asked for help.

“Yeah so, we’ve been a partner in education with Midland ISD for the last few years, so it made only sense that when they approached us to help the students with chrome books that we took action on it and made it fit into our budget this year," said Mike Mazarakes, general manager of Alderson European Motors.

"We love it. I mean it all starts with the kids so if we can give them the tools to succeed, we definitely want to do that.”

Each year Alderson Motors looks at their budget to see how much and in what way they will be able to help Greathouse Elementry.

Alderson Motors is honored to be able to help schools in their community and plans on continuing to do so as long as they are able.