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Singing worship from face to Facebook

Albert Hall, Youth Minister at First Baptist Church in Stanton, uses his voice to reach hearts across social media platforms.

MIDLAND, Texas — Nowadays the world may seem bleak, but a local youth minister from Stanton is singing hope into his Facebook followers. 

It all started after one of the kids from his youth ministry challenged him to sing 14 days straight on Facebook live. 

14 days turned to 15, then into 16…

"And here we are on day 97, almost 100 men," said Albert Hall, Youth Minister at First Baptist Church.

Ever since then his Facebook live segments have crossed state borders.

Day 98! Let’s worship!!!

Posted by Albert Hall on Friday, June 19, 2020

"Three people that I know of flying in from Seattle, Washington, never met these people in my life. I only met them via Facebook,” said Hall, “It's so exciting just to see the unity that God is establishing."

But it's not stopping there. His viewers now go as far as countries in Africa, the Netherlands, and even Australia.

"It's so funny because everyone's typing good evening, good evening, good evening,” Hall said with a smile. “Then you'll see a good morning because it's the next day in those other countries."

97 days and counting! 🎶 Tomorrow on NewsWest 9 hear Albert Hall’s story on why he started worship every night on Facebook live ⛪️

Posted by Cory Mose on Thursday, June 18, 2020

No matter the time zone…Albert's music and love is always just one click away.

"What I’m hoping for is that, or what I know will happen is that God is going to meet us right there, in the middle exactly where we are. "

Watch Albert's Facebook live