MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Officer John Kerrigan teaches self-defense classes for the Midland Police Department and said there are three things he tells his students whenever a situation arises because the main point is staying alive.

"There's so many people playing video games and you kill somebody and it's no big deal, you just reset. Well in real life you don't get the reset button," said Kerrigan.

It wasn't a game, as the victim of the attempted robbery explained to NewsWest 9, a day after the nightmare scenario he faced. The victim said he was forced into a vehicle after having an AK-47 pointed at him, but the legal owner of a handgun himself said he caught the distracted suspects off guard when he pulled out his own gun for protection.

Officer Kerrigan of Midland Police said if you got to resort to those lengths to protect yourself, then have to do what's necessary.

"If that's what you need to do then you do it," said Kerrigan.

Kerrigan added he tells the students he teaches during his self-defense classes three tips:

Give away the material items that the person wants because those can be replaced.

Be a good witness because your description of the suspect matters.

To make sure the first call you make is to the police not to family or friends.

"One of the other things is for people to carry themselves with confidence, don't look like a victim, but don't go overboard in your defense as well," said

Kerrigan said watching your surroundings are essential as well. The victim told NewsWest 9, after he pulled out his gun the driver crashed into a dumpster and concrete barrier. He then pointed his gun at the driver and demanded his wallet back and left the car.

The victim said police arrived in a matter of minutes and police are following leads into who the suspects are.

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