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A local Chick-Fil-A welcomes back a beloved employee

Chick-Fil-A employees celebrate and welcome back their charismatic coworker, Mr. Curtis. "He's just such a joyful, uplifting spirit." "He brightens your day."

MIDLAND, Texas — Tuesday  from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Chick-Fil-A located at 4508 W Loop 250 N will be celebrating their employee, Mr. Curtis Joyner. 

Staff and management rave about how much joy Joyner brings to employees and customers every day he comes into work and they are happy to have him back. 

"He's just such a joyful, uplifting spirit. He'll sing and he'll dance like in the drive-thru. He'll say give me a love bump," says one employee, Kristen Lopez.

"I'd say a blessing, yeah. He's like a blessing to everyone and it just makes everybody so happy," says Kylie Fitzpatrick, another worker.

They all have good things to say about Mr. Curtis who has been working there for three years. Workers say you can't miss him because he's usually singing his favorite song. 

"He’s like, I need some chicken and he’s like and some french fries and he’ll be like and a drink and it’s so catchy. Everyone sings it around like all the coworkers sing it, customers started singing the song to," says Lopez.

His infectious spirit is what makes everyone love working with him.

"He brightens your day. He’s really awesome, he comes in and he's like 'hey friends,' very happy guy," says J'lisa Marsh, a 9-year Chick-Fil-A employee. 

"Coming to work and I’ll not be in the best mood and he just like 'what’s wrong friend what's wrong' and he’s like 'let’s talk about it' and then he’ll like start singing and dancing. You just can’t be in a bad mood around him," says Lopez. 

Which is why they're so excited to welcome him back, because the restaurant's dining area is opening back up. 

As for Mr. Curtis, he is happy to be back doing what he loves. 

"Like to be a help to people when I can and kind of lighten up the day. I’m just a jolly, holly, happy person. I’m so thankful that I can touch somebody life," Joyner goes on to say, "The lord just blessed me to use my time wisely and he blessed me to have opportunity to do all that I’m doing." 

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