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'You've been in contact with someone who has COVID.' How you know this is a legitimate call, text, or email

You could get a message like this. But, if the person asks for credit card info, your social security number or insurance info-- they're not a real contact tracer.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Contact tracing is important and real. As always, scammers are trying to fake you out.

Here’s why contact tracing is important: If someone tests positive, then health workers can trace back where that person has been and alert other folks who may have been in contact with the infected person. If you get to those people in time, you could stop them from infecting anyone else.

Real contact tracers are out there. They are trying to track folks down using texts, calls, or emails.  

What they won't do is ask for your money. “Scammers are out there posing as contract tracers,” said NC Attorney General Josh Stein. “They'll say I'm a contract tracer, send me money or give me your personal info, your health insurance number or bank account number, they'll come up with some sort of twist to steal your bank account info or money.”

A real contact tracer will never ever ask you for your bank account number, credit card, social security number, or insurance info.

Also, look for these legit numbers:
 A text from 45394
 An email from NC-ARIAS-noreply@dhhs.nc.gov 

Credit: WFMY

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