ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Being a part of a team can lead to calling them your family because of all the time you spend together and all the hard work you put in for one common goal. For Alpine's head football coach John Fellows, the game of football is a family tradition and brought along a unique and special dynamic. John's oldest son Andrew is the offensive coordinator for the Fightin' Bucks and his youngest son Aaron is a junior wide receiver. For the three, being able to share this passion all on the same field and representing the same team is an experience like no other.

"It's just special getting to enjoy the stuff that you love to do with the people you love," said Aaron.

This is John Fellows 4th year coaching at Alpine and his 20th year overall so growing up, the boys have always been on the field.

"You look everyone in our house and there's football every where and we just breathe football and love the game. Even my sister and mom they're cheering on Sundays just as hard as us. It's just pretty special and we owe a lot to the game," said Aaron.

After high school, Andrew left home to continue playing football in Minnesota. He later decided to come back to West Texas and coach with his dad and also watch his brother grow as a football player.

"For him to be here we eat Wednesday supper together and Sunday dinner and it's real special. We're just going to enjoy it for as long as we can," said John.

"I'm really living the dream. I get to call offense for more dad and coach my little brother because he's a wide receiver," said Andrew.

During Andrew's first year coaching, the brothers received nicknames that stuck with them ever since. Andrew gives credit to Dustin Glidewell who was offensive coordinator at Alpine his first year coaching and is know a coach in Coahoma.

"I showed up and he said you're 2.0 the new and better version. He was giving boss man a hard time. He came up with 2.0 and the kids took off with it my first year here," said Andrew.

"They have a nickname, I'm 3.0 but I'm the new and improved version," said Aaron.

For all three of them doing what they love and have passion for together can't compare to anything else especially for John Fellows.

"I'm very proud of both of them. Like I said we're just going to embrace these moments and cherish them," said John.

As Aaron is playing in his junior he realized these moments are soon coming to an end.

"I don't want these two years that I have left to end. It's a fun time and a time you won't get back," said Aaron.