ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Students from San Angelo’s high school, Lakeview, were in Odessa yesterday participating in a college level cooking course.

One student, John Hernandez, has a particular love for food.

"I've always loved cooking so it’s like I'd do it with my mom, my grandma, my dad," said Hernandez.

Cooking was something John loved, long before he was doing it for a grade.

"Just to be able to cook for one, and to be able to fend for myself," said Hernandez as he thought about the benefits of knowing how to cook.

Odessa College Chef, Victor Baggen says the benefits go much further than this.

"We also then have more control over the nutrition, more control over the portion size... its just got a lot of benefits," said Hernandez

John is considering the culinary industry after college as a profession but anyone can benefit from knowing how to cook.

"We are trying to create cooks of the future, and chefs of the future but its equally as important just everybody understands what food is about and how to cook," said Baggen.

There's no limit to John's curiosity in culinary arts.

"I'm pretty sure there's still stuff that hasn't been discovered yet that maybe I or my friends might discover one day in the culinary arts," said Hernandez

Chef Beggan also mentioned that any school in the area that is interested in doing something similar for their students should reach out to the department.