MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Was it Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the candlestick? Professor Plum in the Library with the wrench? Or perhaps Miss Scarlet in the Ballroom with the rope? Only one you have the power to uncover the mystery and reveal who the secret killer is in Midland Community Theatre's production of "Clue the Musical".

Clue, or Cluedo as it is known across the pond, started out as a murder mystery board game from Hasbro. The object of the game is to discover who murdered Mr. Boddy, what tool they used to commit the crime and the location where the murder took place. If you can do that, you win Clue.

"Clue" also became a film in 1985, starring Tim Curry and featuring three endings, which was unheard of at the time of its release

Clue the Musical actually presents the audience the possibility of six different endings with numerous combinations of rooms, weapons and killers possible. Just like in the board game, members of the audience will get to pick three cards determining the details of the murder and everyone can play along, looking at clues to try and solve the mystery.

Clue is lifted right out of the board game, from its chess-board like set to its Crayola-colored cast. The musical even acknowledges this, constantly breaking the fourth wall and reminding everyone that this is just a game that's been played time and time again.

The show presents a fun cast of characters that allows audiences to see behind the board game pieces they are used to. Characters have actual backstories now, real motivations to murder and the opportunities to commit the crime.

Kat Fresh does a great job as Mrs. White, somehow managing to be sassy and disgruntled while still being hilarious. Chris Carrol pulls off a suave yet sleazy demeanor throughout the show as Mr. Green without ever verging into truly unlikeable.

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Samatha Spencer is fun and flirtatious as Miss Scarlet, bringing to mind the classic dames of those old noir detective films. As Mrs. Peacock, Caroline Engelstad brings a sophisticated playful air to the show, ever confident that she can get away with anything.

NewsWest 9's own Victor Lopez makes Professor Plum mysterious and funny while also being smugly academic in his demeanor.

Colonel Mustard was one of the most entertaining characters. David Thomas brings a gruff eccentricity to the character, making the Colonel fun while still maintaining a realistic levity.

Jena Tumlin as the Detective clearly has so much fun with her role. She revels in the cheesiness of her character while also staying charismatic throughout her time on stage.

Ben Spencer as Mr. Boddy plays both murder victim and omniscient narrator, interacting with the characters to establish backgrounds and motives while also providing clues to the audience. Spencer works well when he is talking to the characters, but when he is addressing the audience he feels too sinister and sometimes almost bored. As cheesy and self-aware as the rest of the show is, there was a pull to see a more playful and chaotic side to Mr. Boddy, particularly as the clues are delivered in rhyme.

Still, all of the actors do an excellent job in acting and singing, and they are served well by a unique set and beautiful costumes. Several combinations of characters are particularly enjoyable together, notably Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum and the Detective.

The set serves the show well, efficiently switching between locations while still providing a board-game style feel. Subtle lighting cues also helped to emphasize the characters as game pieces come to life.

Clue is at its best when the six notable characters are all together. Any time accusations fly between them or they team up to try and outwit the detective sees Clue at its maximum potential, with all the fun chaos of a murder mystery fully culminating in these moments.

Overall Clue the Musical is a very enjoyable experience, particularly for those who enjoy self-aware humor or loved the board game growing up. The show is also great for those who like audience participation and solving mysteries along with the characters.

The show starts September 7 and runs weekends through September 30. You can visit Midland Community Theatre's website here to buy tickets but make sure to act fast as tickets are selling out quick.