ODESSA, Texas — September 11, 2001, is an unforgettable day in U.S. history.

It was a day where many people can remember what they were doing that morning before the United States changed forever. 

One local group goes the extra mile to make sure first responders don't forget that they're supported every year on 9-11. 

“Take 'em some goodies and some other things and different things just to show them that we do support them and we do thank them for everything that they do each and every day and the sacrificed that they make for each and every one of us," said JD Anderson the President of the Texas Tactical Jeep Club. 

The Jeep Club loads up their jeeps and delivers care packages to local first responders thanking them for the risk they take every day that they head into work just like those first responders who never made it home 18 years ago.

"They rocked the United States with this terroristic attack," said Anderson. "9-11 is something that you know we are to never forget.”  

The group will be delivering care packages throughout Midland and Odessa all Wednesday morning.