Jackass Star Steve-O Talks About Comedy Show Taking Place This Weekend in Odessa
Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - You've seen him on MTV's Jackass series and movie and now he's making an appearance in Odessa this weekend.

Famed stuntman Steve-O is in town to perform an outrageous set of comedy.

He describes his shows as filthy stand-up mixed in with crazy stunts.

Steve-O is often remembered for his MTV documentary that depicted his battle with drugs and alcohol

But four years later, he says he's clean and sober.

But he says that hasn't stopped his need for attention and wants to continue to shock people.

"When I get on stage, it's important to me that nobody thinks that Steve-O has gone soft and that's why I make sure I make it extra crazy. When people leave, I want them thinking his comedy is way better than I thought and that dude is seriously crazy. I think I can do that in Odessa," Steve-O said.

You can catch Steve-O this weekend at the MCM Elegante on Friday and Saturday.