MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Fourth-year medical students from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine participated in Match Day Friday at the Odessa Country Club.

In hopes to provide a fair and impartial transition from medical school to residency, medical students requested the match program back in 1952.

Since then, medical students across the country have waited with bated breath for their Match Day.

Approximately 20 TTUHSC School of Medicine students in Odessa will learn where they will be for the next three to seven years for their residencies.

Each student’s results will be sealed in an envelope to be opened simultaneously along with the rest of the nation’s medical schools.

"Today is a monumental day in all of our medical careers as we find out that we successfully matched into a residency," said Joel Dennison, fourth-year medical student, class of 2019. "These last four years at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have positioned us for success in this endeavor, and we are excited to take what we have learned here and apply it around the country."

This past Monday, applicants were informed whether they had been matched to a residency program of their choice, but the student will not know the name of that program until Friday during the ceremony.

Students began applying to residency programs in their preferred specialties back in the fall.

After site visits to evaluate each program, students ranked their residency programs by preference.

Simultaneously, administrators at each site interviewed applicants and ranked them.

The National Resident Matching Program coordinates this process and makes the final match algorithm, which is designed to produce results for students to fill the thousands of training positions available at U.S. teaching hospitals.