Illegal Dumping Costing Odessa Taxpayers
Illegal Dumping Costing Odessa Taxpayers
Illegal Dumping Costing Odessa Taxpayers
by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - "I believe that the fee attached to dumpsters is the problem. If people were able to dump free in those dumpsters, I don't think we'd have this trash problem," Richard Fierro, with Ector County, said.

Since people can't burn their trash, they're dumping it, and that's causing a big headache for Ector County officials.

"People will clean their house out and go up on the side of the road and throw it, and leave town. That's the most surprising I've seen. But we've had trailers, household goods, and everything they just dump and leave," Trent Norman, with Ector Co, said.

Ector County road crews usually have one load of trash per day, but since the burn ban, they've been working overtime.

"I think it's doubled since the burn ban that's come into effect. We've been really keeping litter truck busy on a daily basis," Fierro said.

But the biggest problem are the tires. Not only are they an eyesore, but they're hazardous.

"The tires, if not picked up and if they were to catch fire they can't be disposed of like normal. It takes special chemicals, and then you have smoke off of if which is hazardous, toxic, so it can be a problem if left undone," Norman said.

"We average from 4-5 loads per day of trash. The tires are picked up and brought here to pile you see and then we call a disposal co. to dispose of tires, all at a cost to the county," Fierro said.

A large tire will cost the county six dollars to dispose of, where as a small one will cost two dollars.  Now imagine those costs for an entire pile of tires.

"The road and bridge is working with local law enforcement, the city and county from the Sheriffs Office to try to identify who is actually doing the dumping," Norman said.