How to Save Part 2: Inside Your Closet
By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Forget the closeout sales and discount stores. NewsWest 9 found some ways to save cash using things right there in your home.

"A lot of times you'll go into a closet and there's a lot of potential, but from the eye of someone who stares at it everyday, you're not seeing all the potential in your wardrobe," Jennifer Parekh, Owner of Sarai Boutique, said.

Midlander Molly gratiously invited us into her closet. And what we found was instead of shopping for new clothes, a little re-organization saved some dough.

"It's going to be very helpful and added a few more outfits to that work week which is just exactly what I needed," Molly said.

After finishing fashion school, Jennifer started her own boutique in Odessa. But with a downturning economy, many West Texas women - like Molly - are foregoing the designer clothes and taking a second glance at what's already hanging at home.

"I come in and see what you have and re-work stuff and make it current, make it something you can use, and it's a sound investment that way," Parekh said.

You might think of styling or wardrobing as something for celebrities, but Jennifer decided to bring that concept to the Basin.

"It's definitely picked up. I would say in the last six months, this part of my business has picked up," Parekh said.

But the savings don't stop in the closet. NewsWest 9 found a Midland make-up artist who's doing the same thing for faces.

"I go in and clean out their makeup bag showing them how to save hundreds of dollars using the color that they have," Ashlee Rice, Owner of Let's Face It Studio, said. "Some women have 70 something eye shadows in a drawer and don't know what to do with it. I go through and show women how to properly use brushes to apply their makeup, how to apply their makeup, without overusing their product."

In a time where layoffs are increasing, many ladies are bypassing the makeup counter.

"We're going through a horrible time with our economy and people still want to look beautiful," Rice said. "So I think people love the idea of me being able to save them hundreds of dollars with what they have."

"It's not just about wearing makeup, it's about enhancing yourself," she said.