Housing Problems in Pecos
Housing Problems in Pecos
by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The City of Pecos is seeing growth. There are more workers at the food processing plant, more prison guards, and new educators have moved to town, but there is no place for them to live.

"There's nothing to rent or to buy at this time, very few homes to buy," Pecos Mayor Richard Alligood, said.

Housing is so scarce, that Pecos citizens are moving into hotels.

"We have a need right now of about 180 residences in Pecos," Alligood said.

The Best Western Swiss Clock Inn is beginning construction on an expansion to the busy motel.  They will have an additional 60 rooms to offer people in Pecos.

There are 6 new motels to be built, but what about rental property?

"Right now, we are meeting on a pre-regular basis with investors to look at building apartments and homes in Pecos," Alligood said.

Currently, there is only one new apartment complex in Pecos, and it's almost full.

"We have a lot of the motels still occupied.  They stay full, then they come over here and check with us, and I kind of send them to another one, but we're just kind of stuck in the same place as everyone else," Chrisha Molinar, Manager of the Country Club Apartments in Pecos, said.

The city is also applying for grants for low income housing.

Some residents have gotten creative.  They are buying up old downtown businesses and converting them into lofts. The most famous of these renovators? Mayor Alligood.