Hobbs Detectives Work Rash of Phoney Cash
Hobbs Detectives Work Rash of Phoney Cash
By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - You might think counterfeit money only circulates during the holiday season, but right now a rash of fake bills are keeping Hobbs detectives busy. Police say it's one of the most unusual types of counterfeiting they've ever seen.

Hobbs detectives say they're used to finding 20 or even 50 dollar counterfeit bills every once in a while. But lately they've been tracking a surge of phoney ten dollar bills.

"It was odd," Hobbs Detective, Rodney Morris said. "I've been in this job for a lot of years, and nothing surprises you, but tens is definitely rare."

Police say every year they have a few cases of fake cash, but this rash of counterfeit tens has both detectives on the go.

"The thing that's unusual about these is that the serial numbers are so close together which is a good indicator that it's one person or group of people that are making these things," Morris said.

They're not targeting any one location. They've been hitting convenience stores all over town. Police say the reports started coming in in March, but just in the past few weeks things have started to pick up.

"The tens are real unique," Officer Mike Stone with the Hobbs Police Department, said. "People generally wouldn't waste that much time with the tens, but I think, for the bad guy it's a real good way to slip it by some clerks at these local convenience stores."

Officials have kicked up their investigation hoping to catch the culprits before it spreads into West Texas towns.