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Why adults should get back-to-school season shots as well

According to the Midland Health Department, even though they're far past their school years, adults shouldn't forget about their own shots.

MIDLAND, Texas — Back to school season and flu season often go hand in hand.

But what happens when you’re already out of your school days?

Well often times, adults just don’t think about their shots like they used to.

“Something that we think that our children need to go to school and even in college the kids will get them too, then it’s like after that we just forget about it,” said Wendi Lyle, Clinical Services Supervisor at the Midland Health Department.

If you have children of your own or you work with children often, Lyle says that you should still remember to get your shots because you’re not the only one at risk of getting sick.

“Because we know that children might forget to wash their hands," Lyle continued. "Or they contract all these little germs then they can give them to you and then they can give them to you and then you can take them and give them to your family.” 

Lyle adds that having some protection against illnesses is better than having no protection at all.

“It can help prevent some serious illnesses," Lyle said. "At times I know that routine vaccines like COVID, the flu, you need to get those every year and your tetanus every 10 years, because it helps protect you against serious illness.” 

Lyle also says that if you're unsure of what shots you may be needing as of late, it doesn't hurt to check with your physician whenever you go in for a physical.

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