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Thanksgiving free of food-borne illnesses

Safe food practices like washing hands and not cross-contaminating foods are ways you can keep family and friends safe this Thanksgiving.

TEXAS, USA — This Thanksgiving the CDC and health officials say we will be able to celebrate the holiday with a little more leniency than past year and that's due to people being vaccinated. 

However, every year, the CDC still wants people to remember to be mindful and adhere to some safety guidelines we may overlook, like proper food safety.

Undercooking and the mishandling of poultry are the most common problems that lead to food-borne illnesses. With some many dishes being prepared at one time, you don't want to cross contaminate anything. So have separate meats and veggies and clean the utensils you may be using for both. 

Make sure to keep an eye on your food at all times and have you and your guests wash their hands. With safety still in mind also remember this is a special time with family and friends so enjoy it. 

Psychologists encourage families to keep the table conversation safe too, "I think that is what has been tripping us up this whole time is that you hear a lot in social media and media in general about people judging each other's decisions and I think we need to take that off the table because it's not effective and not going to help anybody," says Dr. Wright.