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What to know about the sunscreen recall

Johnson and Johnson recalls some of their sunscreens after benzene, a cancerous chemical was found in them.

MIDLAND, Texas — This summer heat isn't going anywhere no time soon. So to stay protected we must continue wearing sunscreens, but now it seems like we'll have to start taking a closer look before applying it. 

Johnson and Johnson recently recalled some of their Neutrogena and Aveeno brand sunscreens because a cancerous chemical, benzene, was detected in it. 

"Benzene is a hydrocarbon product similar to gasoline or oil. It's in our environment, it's found in many different locations and places as a cancer-causing ingredient the link to blood cancers, in particular," says Dr. Russell Akin, dermatologist, Midland Dermatology. 

A study was conducted on various brands of sunscreens by and independent lab, Valisure, where they discovered detectable levels of benzene. 

"During the recalls they tested at a total of 294 products and about 80 of those products tested positive for benzene," says Dr. Akin. 

As a result the chemical ended up being found in more aerosol spray sunscreens. 

"The vast majority of those products are either off label what I would considered to be generic products which are not from a main stream national large producer or aerosol products which are the spray products," says Dr. Akin. 

Dermatologists do suggest sticking to the cream or lotion-bases sunscreens for now and dispose of your recalled sunscreens. 

"I think the lotions and creams for the time being are safer. I think I would stay away from the chemical-based sunscreens and opt for the mineral based sunscreens." 

If you want to see a list of the recalled sunscreens, you can click here.