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Midland Memorial Hospital's Chief Nursing Officer 'baptized by fire'

In Kit Bredimus' first nine months as Chief Nursing Officer, there has been a fire on the hospital's roof, a mobile mass shooting and global pandemic.

MIDLAND, Texas — Kit Bredimus was born and raised in the Permian Basin. 

He graduated from Midland High School, just a few blocks away from the hospital he would one day become the Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Nursing.

His first nine months as a leader at Midland Memorial Hospital have been one for the books.

"My first year is probably the most challenging first year that any chief nursing officer has ever had," Bredimus said. "It’s definitely been a learning curve and a steep learning curve."

From a fire on the roof to a mass shooting and now a global pandemic.

Bredimus says his nursing experience, has equipped him to handle it.

"This pandemic has really highlighted the fact that nurses are the jack of all trades," Bredimus said.  "We become whatever the situation calls for."

Adapting to unique situations is part of the reason he became a nurse in the first place.

“To me, nursing is an art and a science," Bredimus said. "On one hand you have the very technical, detail-oriented side, and then you have the human side." 

Bredimus believes nursing is a beautiful mix of the two. 

When Bredimus is not at Midland Memorial Hospital, he is a husband and dad to four kids. And a foster parent to one.

“There’s not so much work-life balance, there’s work-life harmony," Bredimus said. "There’s gonna be times that my family needs me more than my job and there’s gonna be times that my job needs me more than my family." 

Right now, Bredimus' job is taking up a lot of his time. He is working 14-16 hour shifts at the hospital.

Bredimus credits his wife and high-school sweetheart for keeping things together at home. 

He hopes that helping people is a trade that gets past on to his children.

“If you really want to be able to help people, find your passion," Bredimus said. "I was lucky enough to find my passion in nursing.”

A passion that is not going anywhere.

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