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Midland Health kicks off 9th annual Wellness Tour

The tour is promoting healthy living for all of Midland.

MIDLAND, Texas — Centennial Park was a little more busy than it usually is.

That is because it was where Midland Health officially kicked off their ninth annual Wellness Tour.

The tour offers multiple different classes that promote healthy living, either for free or at a discounted rate.

“If they need something for physical activity, there’s opportunities to look into different workout regimens and stuff like that," said Taylor Wiedenfeld, community relations coordinator at Midland Health. "If you want a more holistic approach, you can do some sauna or some massage. There’s a lot of different organizations that are partnering with us that way."

Midland has been ranked as one of the top 50 healthiest counties across Texas, which Midland Health is hoping to keep up with the Wellness Tour.

"We’re really promoting wellness and health to the community," said Wiedenfeld. "So it’s really just bringing all the resources that we already have in Midland to the community, so they can bring a healthy lifestyle to their everyday life.” 

However, it's not just physical health they are pushing for. Midland Health is pushing for mental health as well, while making sure people know that fitness is a lifestyle.

“Just promoting a healthy lifestyle holistically," said Wiefendfeld. "You know, mind, body and spirit is what we're looking for. It's not just the physical activity in wellness, it's mind, body and spirit."

The Wellness Tour will run until June 5, however a couple of extra clinics will still be held the day afterward.

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