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Midland woman shares story during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

CEO of Centers for Children and Families Kristi Edwards gave a speech about raising awareness on suicide prevention and mental health struggles.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Petroleum Club of Midland has been the host of countless parties, speeches and luncheons. none may be as important as this one.

Hosted by Uptown Midland Business and Professional Women, this luncheon focused on suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

It also came with special guest speaker Kristi Edwards, the current CEO of Centers for Children and Families. They provide counseling and therapy services to kids, teens and families.

Edwards’ message was simple-your mental health is every bit as important as your physical health.

"Your mental health is affected by almost everything. Your physical health is affected by your mental health, your mental health is affected by your physical health," Edwards said. "Just like you would go to the doctor if you had strep throat or a broken leg, we want people to know that when they are struggling with anything, emotional or mental health wise, that we are the place to come."

Edwards talked about everything from identifying the signs of mental health problems to how to help someone struggling with suicidal thoughts.

She also discussed how the topic is a big deal for herself.

"My personal struggle was when my kids went away to college for the first time and they were far away from me and I could not make sure everything was going okay. I'm walking in the middle of Target one day and all of a sudden I've got tunnel vision, I can't breath, you know? So I recognized that I was not having a panic attack but I had anxiety that had taken over. I was you know in my thirties or forties and I had never dealt with that," Edwards said.

The meeting concluded with a round of applause and a group photo.

For more information on Centers for Children and Families, you can click or tap here.

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