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Why do men not go to the doctor as often as they should?

'Men don't go to the doctor until there's an issue so we find men in their 30s and 40s and 50s that haven't gone to the doctor' according to one Midland doctor.

TEXAS, USA — June is Men's Health Month and studies show that more women visit the doctors than men do. Doctors do encourage annual doctors checkups and regular health screenings.

"Just like you would take your car in to get oil changes or to get tires rotated. You shouldn't just come in to the doctor when somethings wrong. Health maintenance is important it helps us to identify problems early on before they become bigger issues," says Dr. Castle.

Dr. Zachary Castle at Midland Memorial says he tends to see less men in his office than women.

"Men don't go to the doctor until there's an issue so we find men in their 30s and 40s and 50s that haven't gone to the doctor and haven't gotten screening lab work done because they didn't necessarily think it was necessary," says Dr. Castle. 

According to Dr. Jorge Alamo at MCH Health and Wellness says the waiting is only going to make risks go up, "risk factors are cholesterol, triglycerides and your blood pressure over 40 over 60 chances of heart problems increase then what can we do. We can make sure your cholesterol triglycerides and that is the fact that gets inside the vessels and can clog your heart and then make you have a heart attack so we check on those and then maybe we have to put on medication for it."

These factors trigger two serious illnesses and diseases for men.

"Half of men over 40 are going to die of cancer or heart disease so that's what we have to focus on. About 50% of the cases the other 50% is diluted," says Dr. Alamo. 

The possibility of getting these illnesses are why doctors say it is vital to see them at least once a year to make sure everything is okay. 

"Patients to get checked by blood and that is a screening that can be done in a few minutes and we check your blood, we check in for anemia, we check your kidneys, liver and that doesn't take a whole lot time," says Dr. Alamo.

"We want to talk to you we're excited to establish a relationship with you. We want to be able to make people feel comfortable talking about their health issues and try to do the best that we can to make sure that they're healthy in the future going forward," says Dr. Castle.