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MCH doctors encourage residents to get COVID-19 vaccine to fight Delta variant

Local doctors are sounding the alarm to get West Texans vaccinated.

ODESSA, Texas —

Now that we are learning about the different variants of COVID-19 and how they are faster spreading, Medical Center Hospital doctors are sounding the alarm to get more people vaccinated. 

“Our numbers have gone up in the hospital unfortunately, and our admissions have gone up,” Dr. Mandeep Othee of Medical Center Hospital said. “The number of people that are positive have also gone up because of the new variant, and our vaccination rates are a little lower than we would like.” 

That new variant is the Delta variant, and it's being transmitted much faster. It's also causing more serious side effects. 

Doctors believe the best thing you can do is get vaccinated if you haven't already. 

“I just want to stress these are safe, the vaccinations are safe, they're effective and they're free and they're available now,” Othee said. “And I encourage people that are even scared to get the vaccine, talk to their providers, talk to their doctors, it's never too late, the Delta strain is here.” 

If you've already been vaccinated, there is some good news. Your symptoms should be less severe if you get the Delta variant. 

If you're interested in learning more about the variant, there's plenty of information on the CDC’s website. If you're interested in getting a vaccine, speak to your doctor or click here for locations.