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Local doctors seeing fall allergy patients sooner than previous years

One local doctor believes that the fear of COVID-19 has made patients see their physicians sooner and more often.

ODESSA, Texas — Something is in the air... literally, it's fall allergens. 

A local doctor says she's seeing more allergy patients in her officer sooner than she has in previous years. 

"I definitely do believe that the fear of COVID-19 has made patients come see their physicians come sooner and more often and I do think that's a great thing when it comes to educating patients," said Dr. Vicky Bakhos Webb, who practices family medicine in Midland. 

COVID-19 and allergies do share some similar symptoms but there are major differences between the two that Dr. Webb says people can watch out for to ease their minds. 

For instance, with COVID, you're more likely to have a fever and body aches, where allergies are more likely to cause symptoms like itchy and watery eyes. 

Ready or not, allergy season is here.

Dr. Webb is advising the community to get their nasal spray and humidifiers out as they prepare for the nasty allergy season. 

"We have been seeing a lot of patients recently with allergies," said Webb. "This is that prime season to start getting those fall allergies.

Dr. Webb says that her practice has come up with ways to make sure that disease doesn't spread in the office as they prepare to deal with sick patients this fall and winter. 

"We're trying to combat trying to figure out whether its flu, allergies, or COVID... it's going to be a very tricky season for all of us," said Webb. 

For this busy season, Dr. Webb says that prevention is key to staying healthy.