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Bad batch of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines shipped to Presidio

The replacement vaccines have been sent and distributed, but rural communities like Presidio are operating at a disadvantage.

PRESIDIO, Texas — It's no secret that COVID-19 are a hot commodity in the U.S., and especially so for rural West Texas communities.

In the first few shipments of the vaccine sent out by the state, most of the doses have gone to more populous locations like Dallas, Austin and even Midland-Odessa.

Presidio was set to receive its first shipment of the Moderna vaccine on January 5.

However, when employees at the Presidio County Medical Clinic opened up the shipment, they realized it was too warm and that the vaccines were no longer good.

The Moderna vaccine is supposed to be kept at a temperature from -13°F and 5°F to ensure it stays effective.

Luckily, once officials notified the state about the bad batch, the state was able to send a replacement.

That replacement arrived on January 11, and clinic operators say they gave out all the doses the day after. The clinic even managed to get a full 104 doses out of the vials received.

While the batch was a good start for the rural community, the clinic says it does not know when it will receive more doses of either vaccine at this time.


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