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CDC signs off on upgraded COVID-19 booster vaccines

The Center of Disease Control is now recommending the updated Pfizer and Moderna booster shots to protect you against the new Omicron variants.

ODESSA, Texas — At the Sunflower Pharmacy, Owner and Pharmacist Brian Meyer administers vaccines and booster shots daily.

Since the recommendation from the CDC for the upgraded boosters, Meyer has already placed his order for them. 

“A new Bivalent vaccine available for boosters for everyone that’s had the first series, completed both the Moderna and Pfizer. So that consists of two different types of the RNA for it to help with BA4 and BA5 variants of the omicron," Meyer said.

"We’ve already ordered it, we’ve been approved to get the shipment as soon as it’s available. The Department of Health has already contacted us to let us know it should be a couple days. Probably after the holiday so sometime next week," said Meyer.

This updated Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 boosters has protein components added in the current vaccine booster.

"They’ve done testing to see that it works and it should be a good thing. It always covers the original one that’s been working and then a little bit of the variant cover, even better," said Meyer.

Think of these bivalent vaccines as an added layer of protection to fight in the presence of new variants as we approach Fall and Winter months. 

"It provides a little more protection, that’s the goal is to help prevent the winter surge that may be coming with Covid cases. As school has started a lot more people could be coming done with more cases of Covid," said Meyer.

According to the CDC, the Pfizer booster is recommended for people ages 12 and older. The Moderna booster is recommended for ages 18 and older. 

You can get them two months after your primary or booster vaccination. 

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