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Midland Health CEO credits social distancing, mask-wearing, for improved COVID-19 numbers

The hospital's testing locations will continue to remain open.

MIDLAND, Texas — Midland Memorial Hospital has seen improving COVID-19 statistics over the past several weeks.

During the week of the Fourth of July, for example, the hospital tested 625 people with a 36% positive rate.

Compare that to the week of August 22nd, when 432 people were tested and only 12.5% came back positive.

Midland Health CEO Russel Meyers credits citizens following CDC guidelines for the drop in the number of tests needed, and the lower positive rate.

"The only explanation for that is diligence in social distancing and increased mask-wearing," Meyers explains.

Hospital testing sites are still open, for details on how to get screened for COVID-19, click here.