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Midland couple battling coronavirus in an unexpected way

“We wanted to be part of the solution for getting people back to work while also giving them peace of mind."

MIDLAND, Texas — 2020 has been a year quite unlike the rest. No one knows that better than those on the frontline, our doctors and our nurses.  

In Midland, one couple, Emileh and Johnny Flitton, stumbled upon another way to serve people. 

Emileh works as the hospital administrator for Oceans and Johnny is a physician’s assistant who helps with COVID-19 testing at Midland Memorial Hospital.  

Most of the time the couple is in a setting like a hospital.  

But since March, on their time off the couple have been doing something else to help people.

“We wanted to be part of the solution for getting people back to work while also giving them peace of mind." Johnny Flitton, said. "We wanted people to feel more comfortable with what is still a largely unknown virus.”

They have started their own disinfecting and sanitizing businesses.  

“I was heavily involved in testing for COVID when it came out and I had a lot of fears about what I was being exposed to and what was the real risk,” Johnny said.

Rather than fear the unknown, Johnny did like any physician would do: he began researching about it.  

The more he learned, the more he realized there were ways to control the virus through proper sanitation.  

"I’m kinda nerd by definition, so I started reading and I learned a lot about chemicals and contact time," Johnny said. "Some chemicals are okay for this virus and not that virus, we learned a lot.” 

The couple learned so much they started their own sanitation and disinfect service, called Industri-Clean.  

“That way we’re helping combat this and working with what we have," Emileh said. "People are scared and so when we go into somebody’s home you can help them feel safe.” 

The couple does most of the cleaning services themselves and are not looking to profit from the business. 

"We have been blessed in our careers," Johnny said. 

 The goal of the couple was to just pay off the equipment they purchased, while also calming people’s fears and getting life ‘back to normal.'

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