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Comedian Joe Luna dies after documenting COVID-19 fight on social media

The comedian who performed under the name Joe El Cholo reportedly died in the hospital two days after talking at length about his coronavirus struggle.

A comedian has reportedly died two days after taking to social media to document his fight against the coronavirus.

People reports Joe Luna, who performed under the name Joe El Cholo, died in the hospital on Nov. 23.

"Wow this is no joke and especially if you are diabetic, it will rain hard on your parade," the 38-year-old said in the caption of a 35-minute video on Instagram two days before his death. (You can watch the video here. Warning: Graphic language)

"I’m a double amputee and I’m a diabetic, so I’m dealing with a lot," he added.

According to People, Luna complained of chest pains, stomach aches, uncontrollable shaking and losing the ability to taste things. He also reportedly said his girlfriend and children got the virus, but their symptoms were not as severe.

On Nov. 23, he posted another video from the hospital. He died the same day.

A GoFundMe has been launched to help pay for his funeral costs.

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