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Hopes for the new Biden-Harris COVID-19 task force

Projected presidential winner Joe Biden announced he is putting together a task force to fight COVID-19.

AUSTIN, Texas — Projected presidential winner Joe Biden announced he is putting together a COVID-19 task force. 

On Monday, Biden named the members responsible for coming up with a plan to fight the coronavirus. 

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Biden said he is ready to address the needs of Americans, which according to him, includes getting the coronavirus under control. 

"We certainly hope that the task force that they are getting together has credible scientists and experts to help us navigate through this and the decisions they make, we want them to be driven by data and science," said Dr. Diana Fite, president of the Texas Medical Association.  "And what we think, of course, is that vaccinations will be what's the most helpful for getting this pandemic under control." 

Biden said the group will focus on many things surrounding COVID-19, including making rapid testing more widely available and prioritizing getting vaccines to the most at-risk populations first.

"We hope to see that decisions are based on data and science and that indeed the recommendations would be by experts, by physicians who would also take into account how different various areas of the country, which, of course, means various areas of Texas would be," said Fite. 

Fite explained that because Texas is such a big state, what one city needs could be completely different from another. She said this is why, in Texas, some areas have been shut down more than others. 

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