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Coronavirus in pets is different from COVID-19

A Facebook post from the Humane Society of Odessa may have cause some panic for pet lovers, but the vaccine is not for COVID-19

ODESSA, Texas — Misinformation is flooding news headlines about COVID-19. 

NewsWest9 is working to verify those claims and one of the newest on our radar involves your pets. 

A Facebook post from the Humane Society of Odessa says they're now offering a Coronavirus vaccine during their low cost shot clinic.

NewsWest9 verified that the vaccine does exist- but it needs context. 

The Facebook post may have cause some panic for pet lovers, but the vaccine is not for COVID-19- the newest strain of the Coronavirus. 

"We do have a vaccine and many vets do vaccinate for the coronavirus although we have seen cases of the coronavirus here, we don't seem to be in an endemic area," said Dr. Ann Wills, owner and veterinarian at the West Texas Emergency Vet Clinic in Odessa. 

The Coronavirus is actually a family of viruses and different strains named after its crown-like structure. 

Dr. Willis says that the vaccine the Humane Society of Odessa is offering protects against the strain that is specific to animals. 

"Viruses tend to be very species-specific where dogs don't give it to humans and humans and cats just tend to stay within their species," said Wills. 

Dr. Willis also said any dog that is traveling should be fully vaccinated- including for the Coronavirus. 

The Coronavirus vaccine for dogs and cats does not stand alone- it's usually in a vaccine that also protects against parvo and distemper. 

The American Veternarian Medical Association says there is no evidence that pets can contract or spread the virus. 

The Humane Society of Odessa's low cost shot clinic this Saturday, March 14th from 12 to 4 PM at the Human Society of Odessa


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