ODESSA, Texas — Hospitals in West Texas have put out a call for more protective equipment, including specific medical-grade face masks. 

Those are hard to come by these days, but an Odessa woman believes she's put together the perfect mask. 

Holly Forbes owns University Bridal so she knows a thing or two about delivering the perfect product.

"I've been sewing since I was four so like ever since I could remember," said Forbes.

Her life's calling is to stitch the perfect gown for brides all over West Texas. 

With most weddings on hold however, she's now focusing her special skill set on a nation-wide call: more medical-grade masks. 

"I was able to get my hands on the most important part which is Murph-13. It's the highest grade air filter that you can get, they use it in the air conditioner systems at the hospitals so they do actually filter air particles containing the virus," said Forbes. 

Forbes was also able to get her hands on the perfect type of fabric just before New York shut down. 

"Our order was literally the only thing that went out that day so we're really lucky to be getting that fabric because it's really important that the bacteria are not able to grow and that this mask is able to be washed," said Forbes.

Now after days of tweaking prototypes Holly and her small staff are working assembly-line style to create those masks. 

"I don't want to make just a mask; a lot of people are making homemade masks who have a little bit of sewing skills but I have a lot of sewing skills, so I knew I could make a really good one and I wanted it to have the correct fabric and everything because cotton isn't enough," said Forbes. 

You can bet if its a Holly K Couture design, you know it's a one of a kind. 

"That's kind of my forte; I designed wedding gowns for a living so I'm used to paying attention to really fine eyed details," said Forbes.

"It's really sad that that's what I'm making, that that's what people need more than anything. It's just crazy I would have never thought in my lifetime that I would have to sew anything like that," she said.

Another extraordinary show of support of West Texans helping their neighbors one stitch at a time. 


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