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Andrews County performing cheek swab testing

Testing has been key to understand how the virus is impacting each community and more testing is on the way to West Texas.

ANDREWS, Texas — The National Guard will be in Andrews today testing for COVID-19. 

They were in Andrews back in May testing for the virus, but this time the tests are different- they'll be using cheek swabs instead of nasal swabs. 

"This testing however will not be the nasal swab this will be the cheek swab," said Mike Cook, the Andrews County Emergency Management Coordinator who's also the county fire marshall. 

According to WebMD, saliva samples taken from just inside the mouth are more accurate and consistent than deep nasal swabs. 

"There will be a lot less discomfort with this particular test compared to those in the past that we've done," said Cook. "Anytime that you can do more testing for your citizens you can show how much COVID is out there or is not out there and also to maybe give a better piece of mind."

The testing will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 105 Commerce Drive on Sept. 16. 

You do not need to be showing any symptoms and the test is free. 

You also do not need to make an appointment or be a resident of Andrews county since the tests are state funded.