Greenwood Miracle Child Collects Shoes for Birthday
Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD - Many kids dream of piles of presents on their birthday. But soon-to-be nine-years-old Karsen Ables isn't like many kids.

She's giving back to the community after doctors didn't give her much chance at life when she was born.

"Two or three weeks ago, she just said: 'Mommy, I don't want any birthday presents for my birthday. I want everybody to bring a pair of shoes and I want to donate them," Karsen's mother, Kimberly Branam, said.

Karsen was born eight weeks premature and suffers from cerebral palsy and hearing loss.

She wasn't expected to survive but nine years later, dozens of shoes line the table at her party, along with another 60 given by Pradon Construction and Trucking in Odessa.

NewsWest 9 counted 78 pairs of shoes given at Karsen's birthday party and all of these are going to be going to High Sky Children's Ranch, The Rainbow Room and Safe Place of the Permian Basin.

Karsen said she got the idea volunteering at local charities, seeing the impoverished children coming in.

"The clothes and shoes that they had on, it's the only thing they came with," she said.

Karsen said she won't stop here.

"I'm probably going to switch to clothes or something," she said.

She'll have the chance to do that after what her doctor told her last August.

"He took her out of her leg braces that she'd been in for five years," Branam said.

There's no gleaming pile of presents to be found but Mom said Karsen has become her own gift: A story of survival and inspiration, a gift that keeps on giving.

If you'd like to give shoes to Karsen's cause, you can drop them off at Pradon Construction and Trucking in Odessa at 2100 W 83rd.