Goldsmith Residents React After Gas Line Explosion
Josh NavarroNewswest 9

GOLDSMITH- The Texas Railroad Commission is now involved in the investigation of Wednesday nights gas pipeline explosion in Ector County. The blast happened in Goldsmith around 6 p.m., near the DCP Midstream natural gas plant.

Newswest 9 learned the commission is sending an inspector from their Pipeline Safety Division to look into what caused the explosion. However the big blast had people running for their lives.

"We thought the whole plant was fixing to blow we all packed up in the van and took off," Resident Michael Scott, said.

"And the lights went completely out and it was like a booming noise. and the building kind of shook," another resident said.

West Texas Gas crews continued to be on scene Thursday morning assessing the damage after a huge gas line explosion the night before.

"There were no injuries there were no fatalities," Sr. Captain of Odessa Fire & Rescue, Kevin Jackson, said.

Fire officials shut down a valve and stopped the flow of fuel and the fire burned itself out, a welding shop also burned down. Viewers sent snap shots from the blast after it happened.

"Everything was on fire, it was huge," one resident said.

People living a few miles down from where it happened say it sounded like a big bomb.

"The earth was shaken big explosion in the sky," Scott said.

"Like a big jet, real loud, like a boom. And then all of the electricity went out and we all came outside and we instantly saw everyone looking that way where the fire was," Resident, Janie Martinez, said.

Power was restored Thursday after 12 to 15 utility poles were replaced and gas was expected to be back on by the end of the day. However some even fear of a bigger explosion may happened in the near future and wipe out the entire town. One man said he isn't taking any chances.

"We're moving, yea, if that happens again we ain't going to have a chance to do anything. We'll be dead even before we hear the boom," Scott said.

The Texas Railroad Commission is now investigating and in a statement given to Newswest 9 they said: "A cause has not been determined at this time for the rupture on a 90-mile long, 16-inch transmission line operated by West Texas Gas." Officials expect completing their investigation within 90 days and that's when they'll release a report on their findings.