Funds Collapsing for NonProfit Fighting Drinking and Driving
Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - In many of our stories and special reports, we've told you about Stop DWI, Inc., a nonprofit working to stop drinking and driving in the Basin.

Whether it's through school demonstrations or mandatory Victim Impact Panels for DWI offenders, their programs have been there.

But donations have not.

They've received only $2,000 in donations so far this year and upcoming August bills obliterate that.

"Our insurance is due on our Kayla's Trailer, the one that has the car enclosed in it and our SIDNE, our little go kart that we use for demonstrations," Stop DWI, Inc. Victim Advocate, Phyllis Peek, said. "That's about $4,000."

They're determined not to let their programs die.

"Even if we have to pay for things ourselves," Peek said. "Charles has probably spent thousands."

CEO Charles Hodges told NewsWest 9 funds just haven't been coming and he's been forced to step down, dedicating his time to a more financially stable job, so his wife, Faye, and others continue the fight.

If Stop DWI. Inc. were to close its doors, that's bad news for all of the people in the area who attend their Victim Impact Panels.

The nonprofit said the nearest program like theirs is all the way in San Angelo and even that one's not the same because it doesn't happen as often.

The demand for the Victim Impact Panels has doubled in Midland in the last two months.

29 underage DWI offenders have been caught in the last two months where the nonprofit said they usually only see 12 in that span of time.

Families in the Basin also rely on Stop DWI, Inc. to be their court advocates if their loved one was hurt or killed in a drunk driving crash.

Carla Shipley had their support as the sister of Perry Jeffery, killed in a drunk driving crash back in 2010, which went to court this past March.

"During court, which was a hard process because we had to relive everything and stuff, they were there every single day," Shipley said. "They never missed a day."

If the nonprofit was gone and unable to give that support, Shipley said grieving families would fare even worse.

"To not have them there probably would have been a lot harder just to not have an outside look," she said. "You look for that outside person."

If you'd like to donate, you can send your donations to:

P.O. Box 10228
Midland, TX 79702

If you have any questions, call (432) 687-1355.