Foster Families Needed
By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The 416 children removed from the Eldorado compound are now without homes. 

Child Protective Services has asked foster care agencies all over the state to help locate familes who are willing to take up to six children. 

One Midland agency says the Permian Basin is short on foster homes for the kids we already have. 

Now, foster care centers are trying to find even more homes for these Eldorado children. 

"As you know, it's been very difficult to find placement in a temporary setting for these children," Marleigh Meisner, Child Protective Services said.

CPS is undertaking a tough task trying to find foster homes for 416 children.

The Buckner agency in Midland is working with CPS to accomodate 100 of those children here in West Texas.

"Because of the different programs we have," Kay Wright, Buckner Children and Family Services said. "We might be able to accomodate some of the moms, and their children to keep them in a family unit, and that's one of the ways Buckner can help statewide."

The biggest problem is that there has been a shortage on foster families in the Permian Basin already. With so many children from Eldorado needing homes, agency workers say they're a little intimidated.

"We just need foster parents in our area," Wright said. "That is our direst need right now. We just don't have enough homes."

"We don't know how long these kids coming out of this situation are going to have to be in care," Wright said. "But usually that's about a 12 month process, and so we just need foster parents. Period." 

One of the challenges for these children out of Eldorado is they have left the only lifestyle they've ever known. Plus, their families are so large they will be spliting from family and friends.

"What you're used to - good, bad, or ugly - that's what you're used to," Wright said. "When you're taken out of that environment and seperated from the people you know and love and care for, that adds more stress and more anxiety."

Agencies across the State are hoping more families will be willing to help out.

"As a community we need to do something," Wright said. "We need to step up to the plate if we've got families who have been thinking about that - 'Maybe fostering is something we've been thinking about. We could do or we'd like to do that' Now's the time!"