Fort Stockton Police Dept. in Need of Money for New Bulletproof Vests
By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - The Fort Stockton Police Department is in desperate need of some help.

Their officers need new bulletproof vests but they don't have the money to get them.

A bulletproof vest can mean the difference between life and death for a police officer.

"There's so many threats and so many dangers that we deal with, day in and day out," Chief Art Fuentes, said. "No matter what the conditions are, we have to go to work."

But for the Fort Stockton Police Department, those conditions aren't the best.

Chief Fuentes said after years on the job, these bullet proof vests have taken a beating.

His officers need new ones.

"Some of them are just a little bit bigger than it, they're not fitted, they're not sized," Fuentes said. "We had some male officers that are wearing female panel vests, there were pieces, whatever they could to make a vest."

One vest can run between $700 to $800. Right now, the department needs four new vests but that number could go up after normal inspections.

Government grants help pay for the vests but they need help now.

"The thing about it is, it takes a while to get that stuff processed," Fuentes said. "We don't have that kind of time to be waiting. We gotta do something immediately for these guys."

Chief Fuentes said he's hoping the community will help support his hardworking force of 23 men and women.