Fisher-Price’s Rock 'n Play Sleeper has been recalled after more than 30 babies have died while in the sleepers since 2009.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning telling consumers they should stop using the product last week. The CPSC upgraded the warning to a recall Friday.

The move comes after increasing pressure for officials to take action, including from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which urged a recall of the product.

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The fatalities were the result of infants rolling over while unrestrained, or under "other circumstances," according to to the CPSC.

Fisher-Price responded to the recall Friday.

"While we continue to stand by the safety of all of our products, given the reported incidents in which the product was used contrary to safety warnings and instructions, we’ve decided in partnership with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), that this voluntary recall is the best course of action, it said in a statement from General Manager Chuck Scothon.

Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play sleepers recalled after infant deaths