Fire in Big Spring Scorches Nearly 2,300 Acres, 90 Percent Contained
By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A big fire south of Big Spring finally under control Monday night, but not before burning up a few homes and buildings.

The blaze scorched thousands of acres and forced many people out of their homes.

"I came out here and I smelled something burning," Resident, Caleb Hallford, said. "I started working on my truck and next thing I know I look and I there was a fire right there."

With scarce rain and hot temperatures, Caleb and his family were hoping for the best but expecting the worst and around 1:00 Monday afternoon, the worst happened.

An electrical short from a water well sparked a grassfire in Big Spring.

"I just ran inside and got my step mom and my stepbrother out," Caleb said.

His step mom called his father and Caleb called 911.

"My wife called and told me the fire was at our house and about that time I looked and I could see it over the top of the mountain," Brandon Hallford, Caleb's father, said.

"It was really scary, I thought I was just going to have to grab everything and go," Caleb said.

The blaze scorched nearly 2,300 acres of land and shifting winds made it hard for fire crews to take control.

Seven structures went up in flames, but luckily, the fire stopped just feet from the family's house but not before giving them a good scare.

"I grabbed the hoses and just tried keeping everything wet," Caleb said.

"We were bailing water out of our swimming pool because we lost our pump house," Brandon said. "We had to do what we had to do. The volunteers they did excellent, I mean they got out here quick."

With all the recent fires, the family said they're not surprised, but they're grateful their home was spared.

"The good Lord just reached out and helped us today because there is no reason that these three houses shouldn't be standing here right now," Brandon said. "We knew this was going to happen. This is West Texas. We survive. It's what we do."