By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- A Big Spring Mother filed assault charges against a 8th grade Football Coach Derek Workman. After she says the coach kicked her son in the face.

"I wanted to know why they didn't tell me," said Tris Clemons who said her son initially lied about what happened to his face but later said he was at the home of Workman and his fiance Lilian Chavez also a Coach for Big Spring ISD.

"I just I just don't like what happened," she said "I just feel like neither one of them have remorse about it."

Clemons says Chavez invited her son and his younger brother and one other student over in November. She says her son was laying down when Workman walked in and kicked him in the face. She says her son had one tooth knocked out and a busted lip.

"Immediately I wanted to know what had happened to him," she said and wondered why if nothing was going on did her son lie about the attack and where he was that day.

"A nice looking woman and you show any attention to a seventeen year old they're going to run for it," she said.

But she says innocent or not she wants others to know about what happened.

"So we went ahead and pressed charges," she said "It's not just my kids but also to the kids in the community."