Eunice Mayor Holds Meeting to Clear Up Questions Over Ethics Probe
By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

EUNICE- The Eunice City Council is trying to move forward after months of tension. City Council Member Billy Hobbs accused Mayor Matt White of misusing city funds, fixing a ticket, and other unethical maneuvering. Hobbs took the charges to the New Mexico State Police back in January. White was cleared of any wrongdoing but decided to clear up any rumors still circulating at a special meeting on Wednesday.

"You can imagine what kind of rumors started," Mayor White said, "It wasn't true and none of it was true."

The special meeting prompted a visit from U.S. Senator Caroll Leavell (R). Leavell emphasized the need for open meetings under the New Mexico state law and defended the Mayor.

"They need to get this issue behind them," Senator Leavell said Eunice has too much going for it. "It doesn't need to be festering."

"It's just viscous gossip," One woman said about the rumors circulating around town.

Hobbs said he was just doing the bidding of his constituents who raised ethics questions about the Mayor's partial ownership in an RV park in town.

"I was asked to do it," Hobbs said he sticks by his decision to go to police. Hobbs denied his actions were in any way for political gain. Hobbs ran against the Mayor in the 2006 Mayoral race.

"No bad blood, with nobody, you do your job and if you do it well you go home and get sleep at night," Hobbs said.

Mayor White said he too doesn't hold a grudge, but did say he filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office because he says several members of the council discussed the accusations in private meetings thus breaking state law.